LouZee Banjo Dealers

To purchase your LouZee Banjo, please contact one of our dealers:

Morgan Music , Lebanon, MO 417-588-1970

Acoustic Vibes Music, Tempe, AZ 602-295-5946

Elderly Instruments, Lansing, MI 888-473-5810

Grundy Banjos, Laurie Grundy, Eminence MO. ph: 573-226-5540 between November and April.  

(Australia Dealer)

4 Meadow Court Everton VIC 3678, Australia. ph: 61 422 375 370 between May and October.


Steve Gill at Gill Manufacturingcustom crafts our resonators for us to finish and use on our banjos.  We choose the best parts when making our banjos, which is why we use Steve's resonators. If we could make them better ourselves, we would. Be sure to visit his site.

Ron Satterfield at Nashville Plating Service is our exclusive dealer for the Hopkins tone ring. If you would like to upgrade your existing banjo contact Ron at his website or call 615-554-5442

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