Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the "lousy" name a joke?
A: No, it isn't. While Mike Longworth had a very delightful and often peculiar sense of humor, the LouZee banjos are not a joke in any way. They are truly serious instruments. Their sound is amazing.

Q: Is the banjo name really pronounced "lousy?"
A: Yes. Mike and Paul first met at a Ralph Stanley Bluegrass Festival in Dickson County Virginia in approxmaitly 1975. They became lifelong friends and decided to get togethor after each retired, moved to Tennessee and spare no expense in building the best banjo made and call it a lousy banjo. It was not until David joined them late one afternoon and the three of them decided to actually build the LouZee banjos.

Q: Where can I get a LouZee banjo?
A: You can get a LouZee banjo from one of our dealers.  Click on the "Dealers" tab above for a list of our dealers.

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